About the Artisan

My name is Laurinda Stanton and I grew up in Arizona in an always changing and dynamically creative environment. I have always enjoyed creating things that are beautiful, but with the help and encouragement of a dear friend, we began making cakes for friends whenever the opportunity presented itself. As a self-taught cake artist, I strive to expand my skills and try at least one new technique with each cake. Not to worry however, I always leave plenty of time to "try" something well before the event date, and usually have a backup plan to boot.

As I am sure one can tell just by browsing through the gallery, my earlier cakes were less refined than they are now. After several "practice" cakes and assessing the reactions I received from the guests of some larger events since then, I have decided to offer my services to a larger clientele other than just my loving and supportive friends and family.

I imagine and create Cottage Cakes largely based on interactions with the people for whom I am making the cake. I take inspiration from little comments in conversation, knowing the hobbies and work practices of the target audience, and by observing and admiring the details in everyday things that I find beautiful and interesting. I have enjoyed every moment of each failed, and each successful attempt, and welcome the challenge to stretch my imagination and skills as far as they will go. Given the opportunity to explore my talents further, I am certain that I can surprise you and delight you, just as I feel each time I get to present someone with their beautiful, fun, elegant, and sometimes crazy, Cottage Cake. 

It all depends on what YOU want.....

Why Cottage Cakes?

Designing a cake to suit your personality and event requires a creative instinct and a bit of moxie. I believe in the power of personal interaction and communication and a level of customer service that extends beyond exceptional. I can surprise you, or if you prefer, include you in the creative process.

I'd love the opportunity to design a Cottage Cake just for you, for any celebration event you're planning.